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Consulting for metallurgy

Advice for production of semi- finished non-ferrous metals and non- ferrous alloys, special and composite materials for melting, forming, casting, coating and annealing

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  • Support in development and innovation

    Support in development and innovation

    Consultancy in

    • Planning of equipment for the metal forming and heat treatment in the field of rolling and drawing
    • Modernization and retrofitting in a process-oriented way for adjustments and optimizations
    • Maximizing effectiveness with corresponding increase in quality and energy-saving

    Creation of mathematical-physical process models for system dimensioning

  • Staff training in engineering / technology / material

    Staff training in engineering / technology / material

    In staff training, we focus targeted on individual assignments and positions: Material / Technique / Technology

    For the areas

    • Metal production (copper, nickel, tin, zinc)
    • Rod production
    • Rolling, drawing, annealing for the semi-finished non-ferrous metals and nonferrous alloys
    • Explanations about the function and dimensioning of plant technology
    • Overviews for process engineering
    • Introduction to physical metallurgy
    • Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA)

    In consultation with stakeholders, the presentations will be created and held target-group-focused so that the general and specific needs are taken into account in the current production process. Certainly, new issues can always be addressed.

  • Process modelling

    Process modelling

    Creation of mathematical-physical models for estimation of technological parameters

    With analytical derivatives and the method of finite differences models can be created with which processes can be modelled, such as

    • Drive designs for forming processes
    • Temperature distributions in the semis in dynamic warming
    • Dimensioning for cooling systems
    • Optimization of drawing sequences for specific forming machines

    Dr. Menge has extensive practical and theoretical experience in this field. His knowledge was shared in various presentations and a number of publications.

  • Troubleshooting


  • Literature and patent research

    Literature and patent research

    Literature and patent research depending on customer requirements, search in patent literature as well as in other literature sources

    • Theoretical considerations
    • Market analysis
    • Feasibility studies
  • Commissioning support

    Commissioning support

    As a rule, the machine builders commission the systems they have supplied with their own staff. When complex systems come from several suppliers, it is often helpful to install a neutral person for coordination who overlooks the complete system in its function.

    Here too, Dr. Menge can rely on extensive commissioning experience in the area of ​​drawing, rolling, annealing and winding.

  • Workshops


    Giving seminars on the topics:

    • Heat treatment of non-ferrous materials
    • Heat treatment of steel
    • Wire drawing theory and practice
Portrait von Dr. Rainer Menge

About Dr. Rainer Menge

Dr. Menge is a renowned specialist in the industry for questions about heat treatment, and deforming, using of materials and construction of machines

  • Member of German Materials Society (Deutschen Gesellschaft für Materialkunde) and member of the Committee of Experts of Drawing for wires and tubes.
  • Member of Network Wire (Netzwerk Draht) / pdf-icon download membership certificate (german)
  • Guest lecturer at Technical University of Freiberg and at University of Applied Sciences Pforzheim.
  • Author of many papers and holds several patents.


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